By the hand of the best (SHE)

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By the hand of the best (SHE)

Keys to Synergistic Leadership

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In times of uncertainty, of doubt, we all need an inner compass to show us the right direction for our decisions. Our criteria, priorities and values will show us the way if we know how to listen. In a radically short-sighted and fast-paced world, where success seems to be more about having than being, it is not always easy to see clearly the arrow pointing north, our purpose.
Women are especially exposed to outside noise. From outside, there is an insistence, even appealing to feminism, on the need to choose between areas of life: profession or family, profession or motherhood. An unfair, cruel and, above all, unnecessary dilemma. With this book we wanted to send a message of optimism and hope to the women of the 21st century, through the experience generously given to us by 17 women who have been able to integrate their lives. From different professional backgrounds, they all have in common some characteristics that help us to build the kaleidoscope of happiness and a fulfilled life. The courage to have a dream and a purpose, the will to work hard to achieve it, the wisdom to choose the right travelling companions, the intelligence and sensitivity to appreciate what others can teach and the humility to recognise mistakes and learn from them.
The protagonists of this play are not perfect women or superwomen. They are flesh and blood women who have felt fear at some point, but have managed it, who have made mistakes at some point but have mended their ways. Women who have broken and overcome glass ceilings and, especially, their concrete ceilings, those false beliefs that sometimes lead us to sing "I can't". They offer us their experience, their hand, to help those who are now at this stage of their lives and careers, not so that we imitate them, but so that we become aware that it is possible.
In this context, we cannot fail to remember our good friend and IESE professor, Maruja Moragas, a woman who knew how to integrate her life like no one else and who helped many others in this task. Together with Nuria Chinchilla, she was the driving force behind the creation of IESE's Work and Family Centre, as well as several programmes specifically aimed at female executives at the same business school. She is an academic, professional and personal reference for those of us who were fortunate enough to share her knowledge.

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Sobre Nuria Chinchilla Albiol (Escritor)

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    Nuria Chinchilla: profesora de Dirección de Personas en las Organizaciones en IESE Business School, Universidad de Navarra, y titular de la Cátedra Carmina Roca y Rafael Pich-Aguilera de Mujer y Liderazgo. Fundadora del International Center for Work & Family (IESE Business School... Ver más sobre el autor

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Sobre Esther Jiménez López (Escritor)

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