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A Meeting Point of Generations

Autor: Guido Stein Martínez
Colección: Libros IESE
Año: 2019
Páginas: 198
Edición: 1ª Edª
Peso: 0,630 Kg.

Precio: 15,00 € (14,42 € sin IVA)

We are impatient; we need to understand, and what should be explained to us as soon as possible, that certain things take time. We are capable to follow ambitious goals  if we «believe in them», but we need help to be able to digest and handle that the frustrations are part of the journey. Maybe we seem a little arrogant because of our audacity, but the reality is that we value experience tremendously and, although it does not seem like it, we want to listen. Moreover, we need a lot of communication, since we appreciate and value the sincere and continuous feedback it helps us to grow every day.


Guido Stein is a full-time professor at the IESE Business School. He is a partner of Inicia Corporate, M&A and Corporate Finance company and he is a consultant to business owners,  direction committee members, and executive teams. He is a member of the International Academy of Management and of the International Advisory Board MCC (Budapest).

Other books written by professor Stein include: And Now What?; Managing People and Organizations: Peter Drucker’s Legacy, CEO: carerra y sucesión, Escalando la cima, El arte de gobernar según Peter Drucker, La aventura del liderazgo, Dirigir Personas: La Madurez del Talento. Claves de la negociación colectiva: de la teoría a la realidad, Liderando con la retribución.

He created the first MOOC (Massive On-line Open Course) on the Coursera platform about MANAGING PEOPLE which reached 27,000 followers. His current research investigations are center around the undesira-ble rotation of the upper direction, decisions and negotiation, leadership and power, and the process of landing in a new position. 

Miguel Martín is a research assistant at the IESE Business School. He is a graduate from the Universidad de Navarra with a degree in Management. 


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