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A Stand for the Home


Reflections on the Natural Family and Domestic Life

Autor: Rafael Hurtado & Fernando Galindo
Colección: Astrolabio Familia
Año: 2019
Páginas: 136
Edición: 1ª Edª
Peso: 0,210 Kg.

Precio: 15,00 € (14,42 € sin IVA)

A Stand for the Home: Reflections on the Natural Family and Domestic Life represents a fresh critique of the liberal-capitalist order and a compelling defence of the natural family economy. Rafael Hurtado and Fernando Galindo (coords.) cast a strong light on the nature of the marriage and family crisis found within Western Civilization, showing its close connection to the weakening or disappearance of home economies. Through the various chapters, the authors examine in provocative ways the conflicts between work and family that are invariably found within Western economies. At the end, they usefully explore the solutions or alternatives offered in Roman Catholic social teaching, approaches that point toward a reintegration of work and home.

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